Edendale Electrical Supplies (EES)

We provide the following services:
Electrical wholesale distribution of wiring supplies, electric light fixtures, light bulbs, security systems and electrical power equipment for the generation, transmission, distribution or control of electric energy (e.g. switchboards, circuit breakers, switches and fuses), Provision of products and technical support to other electrical contractors, Planned preventative maintenance programs and periodic inspections for our clients covering all aspect of building maintenance including lighting, and power services; and Immediate response on a 24/7 basis to all electrical breakdowns at client’s premises. EES offer a range of services to their clients including the following:
Distribution Systems, Cable Management Installations, Earthing Lightning Protection Systems, General Services, Mall Power, House distribution systems and installations, Corporate electrical sales, Lighting Installation, Internal Lighting Installations, Emergency Lighting Systems and External Lighting Installations.


Stove Isolators

As stated by SANS 10142-1:2009 your stove requires its own isolation switch. Our fully trained and qualified electricians will install and certify that your home or business is complying with SANS regulations.


Halogen Lights

Halogens last longer, have a stronger luminous efficacy and color compared to the old incandescent light bulbs. The Halogen bulbs use a much stronger material (quartz or high-melting-point glass), which can result in a higher gas pressure inside the light bulb.

Lightning Conductors, Earth-Spikes

Lightning Rod: Help protect your home and household items, lightning rods help by conducting a positive charge up into the lightning rod to meet the negative charge coming from the lightning strike, allowing the charge to divert along a wire to an under ground earth-spike, preventing and or lowering potential damage to your home.

About Us

Edendale Electrical Supplies and Installations (PTY) LTD (trading as EES) is a company that offers electrical sales and services to domestic and commercial clients. The company currently trades from its premises at the Greater Edandale Mall and services clients that are located as far as the Eastern Cape.
There is a wealth of experience amongst the staff of EES in the areas of domestic and commercial installations, skills development, and industrial production to ensure that the most appropriate product range and advice is made available to all our clients.

This key combination set of skills form the basis of the competitive advantage that EES aims to take advantage of. By ensuring that EES continues to grow into a significant partner in the built environment. Our professional and safety system is there to cater for our client’s customized needs to best meet their goal based on their budget. Our experienced technical staff and trained workers aspire to deliver high quality services. The company provides its clients with the most experienced Project Specific Site Supervisors and Project Managers who will manage and control faultless and schedule-specific onsite installations. Highly skilled administrative staff manage site teams to ensure that each project is completed safely. Our tailor-made teams carry out seamless installations of all their projects.

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Edendale Electrical Supplies

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